WATERSLIDE 660x330Time to catch a wave on this 12m high thrill ride and cool off in the summer heat. This beautiful slide will thrill you for hours, not to mention how cool you will look having this as part of your party.

An overhead cascade of water shoots you down and over the hump to splash into the huge water-filled pool at the bottom.

Is there any age restrictions?
Yes the slideis only suitable for ages 10 and upwards

Do we have to make bookings to use?
No, it’s a feature included in the gate cover charge

Can it accommodate more than one person at a time,simultaneously?
Yes, we have unlimited number of user

Do you regularly clean and disinfect your inflatable products?
Yes we do. Our inflatables are inspected for prior to and after every use to guarantee safe and clean operation. We have a full time staff person that is trained on mechanical and inflatable repairs