motoped black opsMOTOPED is what it isn’t, and dares to be different. Lightweight, clever, low carbon footprint, fuel efficient, purposeful, and fun–MOTOPEDS go places and do things that traditional bicycles or motorcycles can’t. MOTOPED gets you there with head-turning style that’s impossible to ignore.


As a commuter bike, MOTOPEDS® deliver between 34-55+KPL. With proper engine certifications MOTOPEDS® can be equipped with larger engine displacements, achieving more power and speeds that can transform the MOTOPED® into a back-country, trail-eating monster. MOTOPED® to work, to the beach, camping, trail riding, or on whatever adventure you can dream up. Customize, accessorize, and personalize it so that your MOTOPED® is as unique as you. We’re passionate in our approach, innovative and transparent in our mission to provide the world with smarter transportation, and proud to welcome you into our world! Your next adventure awaits…

Do I need to book ahead of time?
No, first come first served basis

Are there only certain times I can come?
PITSTOP is always accessible between 8am to 6m on all days EXCEPT SATURDAYS.

Do I need a waiver?

How can I complete a waiver?
Waivers can be completed online or in person at the park.

Do I need gear?
Yes , helmets are compulsory

How much does it cost?
Please contact us for accurate and up to date costing.

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