This vehicle is known as the Pocket Classics Army. There are at least three reasons for this. The first, is that it’s built by Pocket Classics, the second is that it is indeed very far from full size and the third is that if you use the name of this vehicle, the name you’re now thinking of, then nasty lawyer letters start flying. So what is it exactly? It’s a fun-sized vehicle for the child in you or the child in your family.

It’s about quarter size and is remarkably sturdy. It also has all the kit you’d really want. There’s a 150cc four-stroke engine, running through a three-speed semi-auto box just for a start. And there’s an electric starter motor too. Then there are the hydraulic disc brakes, with two at the front and one on the solid rear axle, which is driven by chain.

Do I need to book ahead of time?
No, first come first served basis

Are there only certain times I can come?
PITSTOP is always accessible between 8am to 6m on all days EXCEPT SATURDAYS.

Do I need a waiver?

How can I complete a waiver?
Waivers can be completed online or in person at the park.

Do I need gear?
Yes , helmets are compulsory

How much does it cost?
Please contact us for accurate and up to date costing.

Kids Jeep

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