Jump PArk 1Our outdoor trampoline park is the largest and only outdoor trampoline park in South Africa. It is fun and an exciting entertainment activity that will grip our South African families. Outdoor Trampoline Park will entertain the whole family leaving you wanting more!

Jumping on a trampoline is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorised as an action or extreme sport. It is important for all who participate to adhere to the set rules, safety guidelines and to JUMP within their own ability.

At GOG Lifestyle Estate we want all our participants to leave our park happy and with awesome experiences to share with their friends and families. We have therefore gone to great lengths to reduce or eliminate some of the hazards associated with trampolines and are continually working to ensure a safe environment through superior structure, staff training, research, education and planning.

Do I need to book ahead of time?
Birthday Parties, Group bookings and other special events need to be booked ahead of time. Small groups and individuals may purchase jump tickets online ahead of time or pay upon arrival.

Are there only certain times I can come?
The track is always accessible between 8am and 6pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Do I need a waiver?
Yes, every jumper needs to have a Waiver on file. Jumpers under the age of 18 must have a Waiver completed by their legal guardian.

How can I complete a waiver?
Waivers can be completed online or in person at the park.

Do I need socks?
Every jumper requires a pair of Socks (provided with each ticket purchase)

Is trampoline dangerous?
Trampoline is an active sport with inherent risks in which injuries do occur. For their safety, jumpers should obey all park rules, know their own abilities and stay within the limits of their skills and physical abilities. Please read your waiver carefully and talk to a representative if you have any questions before jumping.

How much does it cost?
Its included in your gate cover charge

Do I have to stay with my kids?
We ask that parents/guardians of children ages 8 and under remain in the vicinity of the park for the duration of the jump time. We also strongly recommend that parents/guardians of children ages 12 and under remain in the vicinity of the  park for the duration of the jump time. Lounge chairs are available for parents